Found a bug? Want to improve the code or add a feature request? Keen to get involved with documentation, translations or have ideas for other ways in which you could contribute? Read the Contribution Guidelines, check out the repositories and join us on IRC (you can find us in #privateinternetaccess on freenode) to get involved!

Contribution Guidelines

Private Internet Access welcomes community contributions, and are always looking for ways in which to improve. Please take a look at our contribution guidelines, and get involved with the PIA community.

Bugs and Issues

Have you found a bug? Is our software behaving in an unexpected way? Please check the open issues for duplicates – perhaps a fix is already in development, or maybe a solution has already been published.

Feature Requests

Feature requests can also be submitted as issues. We’d be grateful if you checked for duplicates also before submitting a feature request.

Working with our Code

  1. Fork the repository. Make sure to keep your repository synced with the source repo.
  2. When you are ready to start working on a new feature, cut a new branch from “develop” with the prefix “feature/” (e.g. “feature/name-of-feature”).
  3. Refer to the README for instructions on how to install and build.

Making Pull Requests

  1. Sync the develop branch in your fork with the develop branch in the source repo.
  2. Merge your feature branch into “develop”.
  3. Make your pull request from “develop” in your fork to “develop” in the source.
  4. Use short and concise commit messages
  5. Lint your code before committing and making a pull request.
  6. Write unit tests for new features and make sure all tests are passing.
  7. If your pull request contains multiple commits or commits that are not meaningful, consider squashing them.